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Branded links can drive a 34% higher click-through versus non-branded links, meaning they help get more eyeballs on your brand and its content.

URLSLIT Free Link Or URL Shortener Generator Service provides a free of cost link/URL shortener tool, which gives you an option to cut short your long URL and also provide the ability to track the stats of that link.


What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that helps to convert a long-existing clumsy URL of a page or website into a simple short URL of the same. We only change the URL length, but the address of that webpage remains the same.

Why do we use a Link Or URL shortener?

URL shortening is very popular among all since it had been introduced in 2000. Two primary features of a good URL shortener are sharing links with limited characters and tracking the performance metrics of the shared links from where the traffic is coming from. There are some benefits of a short URL, as mentioned following.

A URL with multiple characters looks unreal and unauthentic. It affects the number of visitors on your webpage. Nobody wants to click on a link that seems unfamiliar as it could risk their privacy and security. In such a situation, the URL shortener comes as a savior. It helps you shorten your link so that it can look more real and help you gain as much audience as possible. Even, it gives the knowledge to the audience that what the link is all about.

The most crucial aspect of URL shortener is that it helps you to grow as a brand because it's a useful tool for brand awareness. Your brand gets huge attention across different online platforms, which indicates that you will grab every opportunity to put your brand in front of a lot of people and eventually increase your brand value. Taking about the URL shortener, we can't forget to mention the link shortening tools that allow you to customize your short link.

Many Link shorteners include tools that help you to track the performance record of your URL. This is an essential part of a marketing campaign. If you know how well your present links are performing, you can easily make sure the success of your future marketing and can decide how to make gain better campaign's ROI. Even if you know about which channel is deriving a right amount of traffic, you can focus on that particular channel.

Have you ever heard about number games? Let's take a sneak peek into it. The number of characters you're using in your URL directly affects the content you've shared. For example,- Twitter has the shortest character limit at 280 characters, followed by LinkedIn, which has a character limit at 600 characters. If you want to insert a trending hashtag in your content or want to add a few more words to convey your message correctly and your bond to stay within the limit, then a link shortener is all you need. So it is pretty much clear that why a short and precise URL is essential for marketing.

In how many ways can a URL Or Link shortener work?

It can be used in multiple ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

Link masking- link masking helps your URL to look tidy and beautiful. Unfortunately, sometimes link masking allows the spammer to mask a hideous link that can breach its consumer's security, but some additional security features of Google Chrome and other browsers save us from such frauds. Sometimes people think link masking as a link clock, but in reality, they are different from each other.

Link shortening- it is evident that when it comes to choosing a link to share on your social media or to use in your presentation or maybe to use in a conversation, you would prefer a short and simple link instead of a long one.

Link tracking- it helps you to track the performance of every content that you share online. When you work hard, you surely want to know how well things are working out for you. It allows you to track the number of visitors and conversion ratio. You can maintain a report on what is going perfectly well and what kind of improvements are needed.

Link retargeting- are you familiar with the word retargeting? Retargeting is all about being in touch with your existing customers and letting them know about your current services and offers.

Link rotating- in the relation switching feature, you can easily split your traffic in A/B form to test a landing page.

Link changing-with link swapping feature you can reduce the risk of losing track of your data if the source page that your link points to has been taken down by the help of this feature can easily change the destination URL.

Top URL shorteners that you must know about- there was a time when Google's URL shortener was everyone's choice but as time passes, Google itself put an end to its service in march 2019. However, the links using the Google shortener are unaffected by this change, which means they still redirect the link to the source page. So here is a list of some URL shortener that you should give a try.


When to use and when to avoid using URL shortener?

It can be used in multiple ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

when to use a URL shortener- if you're planning to post a link across multiple sites, you should not forget to use it because it would be a lot easier to keep an eye on all the links on one page.

When you can avoid using URL shortener-there is no need to shorten your link while sending a message or email to your friends. A person who is your friend will surely trust you and won't feel insecure when they click on your link.